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Need a tube or core?   Tell us, we manufacture to your specifications.

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Spiral Tubes & Cores

  •   .250 inside diameter up to 18" inside diameter

  •   Wall thickness .015 up to .500

  •   Lengths .250" up to 20 feet




Convolute Wound Tubes

  •   Inside diameter .175 up to 4" inside diameter

  •   Wall thickness .030 up to .500

  •   Lengths .250" up to 80"



Spools, Discs & Plugs

  •   Spools can be made to your specifications



Decorative Candles

New England Paper Tube Co. makes a full line of Decorative Candles. Hand dripped and sprayed with or without antique finish . These handcrafted candles with their random drips resemble the real thing and add authenticity to your lighting fixtures. Colors available are beige, white, ivory . Need liners for your candles call us at 401-725-2610 



Notched and burnished Tubes

  •   Phenolic impregnation provides super strength and water repellant properties
  •   Wax impregnation makes paper tubes and cores waterproof
  •   Parchment wraps have grease proof characteristics 
  •   Colored wraps are used for decorative and   identification  applications 
  •   Embossed finishes and parallel grooves prevent slippage and allow faster start ups and larger packages to enhance productivity 


Papers available

Chipboard, recycled kraft, Hi burst virgin kraft, parchment, glassine, white or colored fancy wraps

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FAX: 401-726-4920  
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